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Professional Workplace Behavior

Anti-discrimination laws in Australia provide for strict penalties. Learn what you should do, or avoid doing, to safely comply with these laws.

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  • ImageSuitable for all students
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$32 AUD


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What You'll Learn

Based on content created by leading Australian law firm, Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers, this course explains how anti-discrimination laws impact on all employees and how a company can ensure they create a positive work environment for their people. 

Designed for managers, employees, and contractors, this Professional Workplace Behavior course focuses on Australian laws regarding discrimination, harassment, bullying, and sexual harassment in the workplace. 

Course Content

The Professional Workplace Behavior course focuses on Australian laws regarding discrimination, harassment, bullying, and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Topics in the employee module include:

  • Inappropriate behaviors at work and their consequences!!
  • Understanding workplace discrimination
  • Types of discrimination
  • Unwelcome or unwanted conduct
  • Harassment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Bullying
  • Building a positive workplace environment
  • Company policies
  • Addressing concerns


Following completion of this training program you will be able to:

  • Recognize instances of sexual harassment and bullying and know what the consequences are for everyone involved from the offender to the victim and witnesses
  • Identify discrimination when and where it occurs and how discrimination laws affect you
  • Be aware that anti-discrimination laws apply to discrimination and harassment only if the behavior is based on certain characteristics, such as a person's gender, ethnicity, disability or age, etc
  • Identify unwelcome sexual conduct or behavior which may result in other employees feeling offended
  • Recognize that disciplinary action, legal claims, and prosecution against you or your company may result if you discriminate, harass, bully or act violently towards others in the workplace
  • Identify what to do if you are concerned about discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, bullying or other workplace behaviour issues that affect you or anyone else at work.


Program features

Professional Workplace Behavior has been developed using our dynamic and responsive training interface, ensuring our training content is adaptable to your needs and usable across desktop and mobile devices.

Other features include:

  • Animated/interactive scenarios for every key concept
  • Key points provide a snapshot of the training content on every page
  • Glossary links provide quick access to detailed explanations and technical terms
  • Danger Zone, Take Note and Effects & Outcomes content highlighting devices emphasize key concepts


Randomized Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Assessment provide for a self-service Certificate of Completion.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Customization and administration

We offer the following customization services:

  • Customization of client content
  • Inclusion of company policy "I have read" acknowledgments


We can provide full course administration including:

  • Support via telephone and email
  • User enrolments
  • Enrolment notification and reminder emails
  • Progress reports to client management 
  • Management of refresher training requirements to ensure all employees keep up to date with their compliance training


Course Price

$32 AUD

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