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WiseTech Academy offers the learning resources you need to develop new skills, advance your career, accelerate productivity, and manage corporate risk, with a focus on the supply chain logistics industry.

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Equip yourself with the skills and credentials, that will make you stand out in a competitive industry.

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We design our programs with industry experts to ensure that you have the knowledge and skills that employers are looking for.

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Fees for WiseTech Academy courses are lower than comparable industry offerings and we intend to keep it that way.

Our mission

We believe an industry is only as strong as its people.

That's why our mission is to empower individuals by providing affordable access to high-quality online education.

Our story

WiseTech Academy was established in 2018 to offer accessible and affordable online learning with a particular focus on those who work in global supply chains. WiseTech Academy is a wholly owned subsidiary of WiseTech Global whose industry-leading CargoWise software has over 18,000 customers across 165 countries.

CargoWise, centralizes logistics operations on a single global database, delivering business continuity, scalability and security to the industry. WiseTech Academy offers courses designed to build a deep understanding of why and how the industry operates as it does and how it can be made more effective and efficient.

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